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Same sex marriage







Family is an extremely important part of our modern democratic society and has been for centuries. Family is the structure of who we are and how we associate and act within society, without it we are nothing. Equality is another major part of a democratic society that citizens cherish greatly. Within our society certain people are being discriminated against and banned from creating their own families. In the in our so called land of the free, homosexuals are not being treated as equals and being turned away from sharing their lives with those they care the most about. “Love has no boundaries it has nothing to do with gender.”  In our society, outlawing gay marriage is a hypocritical act. Allowing gay marriage poses no risk to society and will only allow for people to become more tolerant of the matter. Same-sex couples are viewed as going against gods wills and are being robed of there human rights, benefits, even child custody and adoption. In a democratic society, how is it fair that certain groups based on sexual orientation can be excluded from such rights? This is a major issue that affects not only homosexuals, but everyone who believes in a democratic society and equality amongst everyone.

 Homosexuality seems to only be an issue of modern society but in fact same-sex relations have been around since the beginning of man. Historians are constantly revealing new discoveries about our world’s same-sex past. “In fact, history is replete with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who have contributed significantly to world history even though the world's cultures have rarely condoned homosexuality.”  Same-sex relations have been a human rights issue for numerous years, and still continue to this day. Homosexuals around the word are being robed of there human rights by constantly being discriminated against. People are unable to control who they love so what gives society the right judge the relations of others, and on that judgment chose to label them as deviants unworthy of human rights? The gay civil rights movement is parallel to the political and social process of African Americans, women, people with disabilities, and other groups overcoming discrimination against them. Unlike “visible” characteristics such as skin colour, sexual orientation can be easily hidden. “Many societies do not even have a name for same-sex behaviors or relationships, yet they stigmatize those who are not heterosexual.” The gay rights movement began in the mid-1800s its idea was to protect rights and obtain equality for people who are homosexual. The ultimate goal of this organization is to eliminate all laws that restrict or ban same-sex relations within society. This movement strives to educate society about gay individuals and helps too encourage same-sex partners to be more public about there sexual orientation. By educating our culture about homosexuality there is a hope for people to realize that these particular individuals are just like everyone else and only want the privilege of feeling equal within modern society. Although our society has come along way in promoting same-sex relations there are still people who feel it is morally wrong and completely against the issue of same-sex marriage. In the past our society has come up with a substitute for same-sex marriage and labeled it as “Civil Unions”, also known as domestic partnerships. “Civil Unions are legally recognized long-term relationships involving two people of the same sex.”  These programs provide some of the legal and financial benefits of marriage to couples who are not married. Although this is a positive aspect towards the promotion of gay marriage there are still limitations on the benefits and grants Civil Union couples receive. As more gay’s people come out into the modern aspect of society, more heterosexuals have the direct experience of knowing someone gay. They begin to form bonds and learn that gay people are just like them, and antigay stereotypes are false accusations. Learning this people will soon realize that homosexuals deserve to be treated equal under the laws and court systems.

One of the main opponents against same-sex marriage is religious groups such as the Roman Catholic Church and most Protestant organizations. They claim that “giving marital recognition to gays and lesbians degrades the institution of marriage.” These Religious groups have an extreme power over this issue and are trying to strike down the idea of gay marriage because they feel it is going against the initial wills of god. In addition these religious sanctions have a large contribution in the decisions made within the government because the majority of people within the government are apart of religions in which are against homosexuality. “Democracy encourages the majority to decide things about which the majority is ignorant.”  The majority of society is controlling the issue of same-sex marriage, giving the minority little chance to speak up and change laws. Society is attempting to take control over this issue because the overall majority feels it’s “not something our country can accept at this stage of its cultural development.” Although at this stage of development through the significant changes within history one would think modern society would now accepted differences amongst citizens. Which proves there must be more accomplished in overall societal development to fulfill the satisfaction of all citizens’ equalities and rights. The Marriage protection amendment gives the rights of marriage to the Christian community along with their supporters. The right to even address the issue of same-sex marriage has been taken away from homosexual couples in countries not in favor of same-sex marriage. The proposed act put in place is taking away rights of citizens, and completely discriminating against a certain group of people. Opponents of same-sex marriage have no evidence to show that homosexual relations are harmful in anyway. The only argument they have to back up their statement is derived from the Christian community, claiming it to be against Gods wills. In the land of the United States where same-sex marriage is prohibited ironically enough under the fourteenth Amendment their constitution states, “no State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This statement in the Constitution clearly conflicts with the rights of the homosexual citizens by clealry illistrating the lack of equialty distrubuted. Religion contributes a great deal to the constitution of a country, in the case of same-sex marriage religious views around the world are controlling the fate of this issue. It is simply not enough to use ones religious views as an excuse to discriminate against a certain group of people who have been deprived from equality.

 Our country has come along way in promoting human rights, but there are some areas that have been overlooked, such as same sex-marriage. Gay marriage is a stepping stone for countries in treating everyone as equals and for citizens becoming tolerant of one other. “Banning same sex marriage is the same as making certain people use separate bathroom facilities or telling people they many not sit in the seat of their choice on a bus.” This issue is very similar to civil rights and equality under the law. The process of overcoming systemic discrimination is the same whether the basis is race, gender, or sexual orientation. People are constantly looking for characteristics in others that will give them a false sense of superiority. Such as the discrimination against blacks in past years. Due to the differences they possessed society labeled them as lesser beings giving them unequal rights under the constitution. Looking back on this era clearly outlines these accusations as outrageous and extremely prejudice, but what makes this scenario different from the degrading of homosexuals? Introducing a federal amendment in the U.S constitution would be a gateway to problems among homosexuals and other minority groups. “when the reactionary public comes lumbering back to its sense it will see that this great “threat” to the North American family of the early 21st century was not only much exaggerated, but entirely false. Instead we shall have again a new legacy of self-deceit and group-hate as shamefully as racism was In North Americas past.”   Gender bias is another discrimination tactic that was strongly practiced in the past. “The extension of women's rights is the basic principle of all social progress, a girl should not expect special privileges because of her sex but neither should she adjust to prejudice and discrimination.”  This statement clearly implies that women were not asking to be given superior treatment, only equality just as the homosexuals in modern society are requesting of. If society was able to come to terms with this matter outlawing the stereotypical bias, what’s stopping society from doing so today? “It is same-sex couples in intimate, loving and mutually supportive monogamous relationships who are in jeopardy of forever being consigned to second class citizenship.” These changes within history have all been major conflicts within society just as same sex marriage is today. Without people sticking up for their rights and protesting we would not have progressed to the nation we are today. Limiting rights to homosexuals is nothing more than a prejudice put in place by citizens who are only interested in what’s best for them. Our society is constantly evolving and proud of the changes against discrimination that have been made in the past. Although racism and gender are aspects of the past our nation needs to look closely at the similarities of the modern issue of same-sex relations and realize there is no difference.

 Same-sex marriage can foster quite lively debate within society when child custody and adoption issues are discussed.  It seems nothing quite polarizes people like this topic. Everyone tends to have an opinion one way or the other. In the past courts have held many of the antigay stereotypes and have taken a narrow view of sexual orientation. Unfortunately in many cases child custody is awarded to the heterosexual parent regardless of how abusive they may be. Courts are slowly taking a more moderate view by allowing placement of children with homosexual parents only if the parts are “parents first”, under the circumstances that the parent does not flaunt there sexuality. “Parents who are politically active in the gay community or have a live-in lover have often been denied custody or visitation rights.”  Unfortunately society tends to associate ones sexual orientation with the way they treat are raise their children. What makes a heterosexual couple more loving and nurturing than a homosexual couple? In fact statistics say this isn’t so, “studies of gay and lesbian couples indicates that same-sex parents are equal or better than opposite-sex parents because children are more tolerant and less bigoted.”Along with child custody there is much controversy allowing same sex couples adopt a child which would therefore expose them to the homosexual environment. Laws concerning adoption of children by same-sex coupes are constantly changing within the legal system. Recently these laws have been referred to as “second-parent adoptions” or “co-parent adoptions”. Although these laws have been put in place not all countries and states recognize them under their court system.  Many laws state that couples must be legally wed in order to adopt a child. Therefore this isolates adoption to only heterosexual couples because in most places same- sex marriage is prohibited. This is only one of the many battles same-sex couples are faced with.  What sense does associating the way children are raised to ones sexual orientation? Same-sex couples are not asking to be given special treatment within society, only to be treated equal.

 Same-sex marriage is one of the most controversial topics in modern history. Dealing with this topic clearly outlines the society we live in today. People find it extremely hard to accept differences in others and use it as a tactic to make them feel superior. Millions of homosexuals are being discriminated against and robed of equality within society. There is no excuse to uses ones religious views as and aspect of discrimination or allow a same-sex couple to be deprived of there human or child custody rights. Outlawing gay marriage is contradictory against democratic society. Homosexuals should be given the right to the same equality as other citizens within society. Educating the public on matters such as gay marriage will help heterosexuals overcome their “homophobia” and allow for a more solitaire environment where differing sexual orientations can coexist.